Who's a silly boy?

FEW fraudsters can be as mindless as the man who rang the call centre at Loss Management Group to report an alleged theft.
Tony Le Fevre, MD of LMG, takes up the story: "We had a call from a man who described in great detail various items of jewellery that he said had been stolen.
"He told us that he'd lost seven items, including two gold pocket watches, two gold chains and a gold watch, all bought by him at antiques markets."
He was calling on a mobile phone from his car. As he replaced the handset into its holder, he accidentally pressed the redial button and, unknowingly, was re-connected to the call centre.
Intrigued LMG staff heard him describe to a colleague how he had invented the claim.
Mr Le Fevre said: "Unfortunately for the individual concerned, we automatically record all calls for training and monitoring so we had the complete conversation on tape."

- LMG research says jewellery fraud now costs the insurance industry £70m a year -- as many as one in three claims are fraudulent or inflated. LMG, based in Bath, handles more than 30,000 claims a year for companies such as Zurich, CGNU, Pearl Assurance, CIS Insurance, Cornhill and Nationwide Insurance Services.